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Heroes Training is designed to give you the tools to stop being a victim of your circumstances and become the creator of your unique life's adventure. Whether it's your career, personal life, or sport performance that you aspire to change, you will enter a journey to discover your true nature and full potential and bring it into every area of your life. You will rediscover the magic of every single day and learn to master your own psychology to create the results that you want.


While group sessions represent the peak of the Heroes Training experience and participants often describe them as a rare opportunity for profound human connection, they are essentially a tool for personal growth.

At the beginning of each seminar in fact, as a participant you will be asked to set your own goals for personal change, and as the adventure progresses, you will gain clarity over what has been holding you back from achieving the transformation you desire and gently let go of those limitations. You will then be surprised to discover the strength of the Hero that you'd left dormant for so long and joyfully share this newfound power with the group.


Individual coaching is another great tool for you to achieve a radical transformation while being followed every step of the way. Heroes Coaching is unlike any other service in the market as it blends the classic coaching approach which includes at least a weekly 1-hour conversation, with a personal development course.

Just like any other Heroes program, this coaching is an adventure with a specific roadmap. A coaching roadmap can span from a minimum of 10 weeks, up to one year.


Each adventure is unique and the roadmap is discussed with the coachee before the journey starts. However, during the coaching period, there are specific frameworks, challenges and assignments that the Hero/Coachee has to undertake. All the exercises are the result of a careful research and experimentation among the best available tools in the market. In this research, Riccardo Caselli has personally invested thousands of hours and dollars. You are only given the most highly-selected and effective tools and tricks for your growth whether they come from academics, world-class athletes, spiritual gurus, psychotherapists or best-selling authors. Everything is selected only with one goal in mind: to accelerate your growth.


*based on a 10-week coaching assignment


Create the vision for your performance, life, business 

Week 1-3

  • Create your vision

  • Deepen your vision

  • Mission and values

  • Creative visualization

  • From impossible to "I'm possible"R

  • Mood hacking

  • Well being for performance


Go beyond your limiting beliefs, clear your mind and body from old blockages

Week 4-6

  • Reframing techniques

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Clearing blockages

  • State of Flow

  • Self-hypnosis for success

  • Cognitive strategies


Sustain your motivation, take massive action, tap into your full energy

Week 7-9

  • Emotional fuel

  • Powerful routines

  • Massive action plan

  • Productivity hacking

  • Harness your motivation

  • Time management


Observe your transformation, commit to constant self-improvement

Week 10+

  • Check results

  • Know your 'enemies'

  • Feedback

  • Follow-up plan

  • Potential extension

Preliminary Assessment

Here is where you share your goals for the coaching and we evaluate how Heroes Training can help you achieve them. You also commit to working through the assignments and your initial roadmap is designed

1-Hour Weekly Sessions

Every week you you'll attend a one-hour session, either in person or via video-call. Here you can share anything from your progress and challenges, discuss the roadmap and always find a trusted advisor to support you every step of the way

Exercises and Frameworks

Every week you will be given exceptional frameworks to understand and master your psychology and break even the toughest obstacles into simple tasks. You will also receive new powerful exercises and assignments that can radically transform any domain of your life

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Exclusive audio tracks

You will receive exclusive audio tracks recorded by Riccardo Caselli to guide you through specific exercises and visualizations that you can repeat as many times as you like during and after the coaching period

Guided meditations and self-hypnosis

You will be guided through exercises to positively influence your subconscious mind. You will learn routines that you can repeat at home before going to bed to reprogram your subconscious beliefs

Constant e-mail support

During the coaching you will receive email assistance between the sessions. You can reach out anytime if you have specific questions regarding the exercises or need your assignments to be reviewed

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