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at peak

looking for 'the peak'

A 2012 study published in Cognitive Processing revealed the relationship between peak experiences and performance in Olympic athletes and corporate managers, finding that the highest performers had more frequent peak experiences and because of these they also made more ethical and empathetic decisions.

Professional athletes, as well as musicians - and at times ordinary people too - know what it means to "be in the zone". It can be sometimes called 'flipping the switch', or - as psychology defines some of these states - 'state of flow'.

Although there are differences among various states, the common denominator is an altered state of consciousness perceived as richer and timeless where performance happens effortlessly and flawlessly, almost as if it was 'divinely inspired'. Today science has started to crack the code behind these states and revealed how it's possible utilise techniques like mindfulness meditation, guided visualization, (just to name the most popular ones) to trigger our brain into such states at will. That's why Google has realized that when it comes to the highly competitive tech marketplace, helping engineers get into the zone and stay there longer was an essential investment and so they have a built multi-million dollar mindfulness center. Sports team, like any group wishing to thrive in a highly competitive market can no longer afford to overlook psychological growth.

Heroes Training takes this approach one step forward by brining ancient traditions - stripped of their original context - together with modern psychology and coaching as a means to shorten the time necessary to induce peak experiences. 

What makes a good team?

Accessing the peak state alone is not enough. 

The Navy SEALs are a highly selective special warfare group engaged in the most sophisticated operations. Training costs over 500k $ for each recruit, plus one million  to keep a frogman on the field for a year which adds up to 4.25m $ to get them to DEVGRU, the counterterrorism unit. The physical training is brutal, but what matters the most in a new recruit is the ability to enter in a peak state of consciousness together with the rest of the team.

As Commander Richard Davis puts it: “More than any other skill,” he explains, “SEALs rely on this merger of consciousness. Being able to flip that switch—that’s the real secret to being a SEAL.”

Heroes Training are designed to give your team the opportunity not only to reach peak states individually, but also to learn how to 'merge' as one consciousness and perform together, deepening empathy and connection as a true performance driver.


Working with high performing teams, Heroes Training also offers a unique style of individual coaching. Heroes Coaching comes with a specific roadmap for the individual that makes it different from any other service in the market. 

During the coaching, performance aspects are covered jointly with life goals. The approach is holistic since a peak state of consciousness can hardly be sustained when there are serious imbalances in the inner world of the individual. The coaching roadmap includes tools and framework uniquely designed for Heroes Training including: guided visualizations and audio recordings, self-assessment templates, breathing exercises, written assignments, videos and more. Everything is designed to offer top talents real tools for development that challenge their current modes of being and propel them into higher levels of attainment, leadership and self-esteem.

PRotecting the assets

Finally, high performers are an asset and anything aimed at reducing their chance of departure or performance drop due to life circumstances, has an economic value.

Heroes Training recognises the economic component of human capital. In working with teams - both at the individual coaching level and with group sessions - it offers an aid to the top of the organization in increasing the sense of engagement and ensuring a proper life quality to individuals so to hedge against losing talent. 

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