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For too many organizations, investing in people equals increasing manpower cost. But it often backfires: as the motto says 'too many chefs spoil the broth'. Too often teams and departments become overstaffed and bloated, without clear roles and responsibilities. Pockets of low accountability start to appear and office politics spread like a cancer. From there, engagement goes south and productivity overall drops dramatically, while negatively affecting company culture, pushing talents out.

As part of our programs we support you to create your most precious asset: your company culture. In fact, only with the right culture, you can attract, retain and groom your Heroes. And for the right culture, you need the right structure.

You don't need too many people, but you need Heroes in the right places. 

Heroes Corporate has your back: as part of our interventions and training, we also provide organizational assessment and change management. We speak with your functional leaders, review your org. charts, talent management system and KPIs, to provide insight and advise on how to structure your teams most efficiently.

We then help you cascade your KPIs and Roles and Responsibilities with workshops and sessions, where each team gets clear on the expected performance, deadlines, and is given frameworks to anticipate roadblocks and challenges and define an action plan for the quarter or year.

Everybody leaves our sessions with clarity, accountability and no room for politics, doubts or excuses. With our intervention, your company will be ready to execute at a speed never reached before.

Our Organizational Efficiency interventions may include:

  • Organizational assessment and Org.Chart review

  • Roles and Responsibility definition and Job Description writing

  • KPIs review 

  • Talent Management consulting

  • Change management support for large-scale project

  • Execution Workshops: teams go through a 1-day seminar with our proven template, coming out with a clear action plan, deadlines and solutions for the quarter/year based on company's KPIs

  • Team Structure Workshops: new teams or changing teams go through this seminar, to address internal issues, focus on new challenges or opportunities, coming out with a clear solution

The scope and duration of each intervention is discussed with the client and may include one to many components, based on the needs.

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