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The spark of the hero

It is the main program and the foundation of the Hero’s journey. The Spark of the Hero can range from one and a half day in-house session to a two/three days retreat, offering a deep and powerful experience to small teams or large groups. It goes from a minimum of 15-20 participants, up to about 100. With size come different dynamics, although energetically, a larger group creates more potential for transformation.

The training involves theoretical learning as well as physical movement based on the principle of mindfulness. Participants learn to embrace change as they reach a new level of consciousness. During the journey, specific metaphors for the mind or "archetypes" are explored to guide participants inside themselves, where transformation can rapidly occur.


The workshop covers both theory and practice of the Hero’s journey and lights the spark within each participant. Attendees go home with a strong connection with others and a new sense of purpose and strength for themselves, as well as the feeling of having lived an adventure that can hardly be described, but only experienced. As part of the training, they are also guided to integrate the experience into every day life by making positive action plans. The Hero has come to life: a new journey can now begin.

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