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We ignite the 'Spark of the Hero' in your employees through in-house or residential workshops. The duration of this training is typically 1 to 2 full working days. During this time, participants not only learn techniques to master their mind, emotions and operate at their peak states: they fully reprogram their mindset and subconscious beliefs according to our powerful framework, the 4 HEROES BELIEF SYSTEM©.

These underlying principles will sustain their behavior, communication, leadership style, towards new heights of performance and resilience, in every situation in business and life. 


We want to offer training that - with a reasonable amount of time invested - produces long-term results. We have surveyed over 1000 participants to our programs, to verify if their improvements stick after the training. 

These are their reported % improvements, surveyed 12 to 18 months after attending one of our workshops:

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.36.27 pm.png

Heroes Training has proven effective with people from different cultural and social backgrounds. Seminars and sessions ranging from one day to multiple days have been attended in United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Spain, Vietnam, Philippines and counting. Individuals from different walks of life were able to experience the positive changes in their lives and businesses.

It utilizes a unique methodology, where theory, individual assignments and teamwork are interspersed with breathwork, mindfulness and physical movements. Some exercises require pen and paper, some require only breath and visualizing, and others involve stretching the body or group challenges, but the goal is the same: to produce peak-experiences and learn how to manage one's own mind-body system for better productivity and healthier emotional responses to stress and to other people.

As a results of attending this training, not surprisingly, 95% of employees reported feeling more engaged with the brand and with colleagues. This is a crucial source of competitive advantage.


A study by Aon showed that organizations with high levels of engagement (65% or greater) continue to outperform the total stock market index and posted total shareholder returns 22% higher than average. On the other hand, companies with low engagement (45% or less) had a total shareholder return that was 28% lower than the average. In other words: engagement and satisfaction drive performance.

Finally, these are some of the benefit more frequently cited by participants:

Increased well-being and autenthicity

Increased sense of physical energy and productivity

Strengthened inner confidence and self-awareness

True sense of connection and community

Meaning and engagement in their work

Increased ability to cope with stress and maintain mental clarity

Increased resilience to challenges

More natural expression of themselves and creativity boost


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